The Designer Den

In 2017 our rugs received the Argentine Good Design Hallmark, an official distinction awarded by the Argentinian government to products of the domestic industry that stand out for their innovation, betting on local production, positioning in the market and design quality.
— Pablo and Fernando, our rug suppliers
Handmade wool rugs


For our pure wool rug collection, travel with us to the northwest of Argentina, where over 120 craftsmen and weavers create their works of art using intense colours and traditional patterns their families have known for generations, inspired by the nature they live amongst. Every rug is handmade from start to finish; using wonderfully soft, yet durable high quality wool. 

high quality wool
wool dyeing process

100% wool, sundried and naturally coloured 

The wool is spun by spindle or distaff and later washed and dried in the sun. It is then dyed using either natural pigments extracted from native plants or mineral dyes. Once the desired shade is reached the wool is washed a second time to set the colour. UV filters in the dyes prevent loss of colour over time. 




Handmade to measure 

The weaving then begins on a loom that can be found in the backyard of almost every home; a process which can take more than six weeks. Once the customer has chosen the unique design, texture and size of their rug it is matched with the appropriate loom and the weaving begins. Whether it is a grand rug for a hotel lobby or a cosy bedside rug, the end result is strong, durable and long-lasting luxury. Each rug is an individual creation and can never be fully replicated due to the handmade process. 

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